Paris Hilton – Body, Weight Loss & Health Secrets Unrevealed

This star celebrity & socialite who is also a model-actress enjoy doing party & club dancing to remain fit and gorgeous. The glamorous blonde is known for her toned & sexy body & trimmed figure making her a favorite choice of paparazzi & fashion magazines that die to do her photo-shoots. She has a fan following throughout the world and her fans always want to know about her beauty & fitness secrets. They are always willing to know about her weight loss program that has given her the star celebrity status.

Paris shares her summer diet secrets that led her to achieve a rocking’ body that got people talking! According to her, she has been engaging in workout sessions and ate only healthy foods.

Secret Power Diet

She eats everything in little portions, and in moderation.

When she needs losing weight, the heiress decreases the consumption of ice creams & hamburgers and follows the green leaves diet (cabbage lettuce, spinach) that promotes satiety, cleanses the body and makes an ultra-fat belly.

The celebrity consumes food in its purest form, organic fruit & vegetables. It is slightly expensive but if you can afford then it is definitely something you should look into.

She enjoys taking vitamin juices to give her body the extra nourishment it craves for remaining healthy.

Body fat removal

She pays $ 65 for one session of Body sculptor. This is an electric shock based body Fat removal machine that removes extra fab from her body to give her the most toned enviable figure & body. Do it if you need gorgeous body without too much effort.

Favorite drink

She enjoys Red Bull and does not retort to alcoholic beverages as she hates their taste.

Exercise Regime

Paris Hilton has an enviable figure and svelte body. She does not actually require weight loss program for her body as she can safely be on the side of rather being termed anorexic. But in the start of this year she started gaining some fat on her body and then she started following a strict diet –exercise regime regularly to shape up her muscles. She was introduced by her friend cum trainer Captain Waits to the body building program for her muscles. She started hanging to the training club regularly for this. She is often seen doing treadmill there and drinking milkshakes to get in the healthy muscular shape.

Her workouts include running, weightlifting and crunches, and intensive labor in the gym. Furthermore, 35 year-old Paris consumes a diet containing 3,500 calories each day to provide the required energy for intense workouts.

Even though it was initially taken as skeptical method of training, In the course of time, Paris has become happy with this brand new regime and now it has adapted well with her new lifestyle and image.