Chinese Tea – A Natural Weight Loss Formula


China is credited with the origin of Tea. Chinese Tea has a medicinal value in the terms that it is a powerful tea blend made specifically for those who desire to lose weight. It is suggested that this tea ought to be consumed without the sweetener.

The most popular types of weight loss Chinese Tea are Pu-erh tea, Green tea extract, Oolong tea, and Black tea. These organic tea ingredients can clean your body and reduce weight quickly.

Best Chinese Weight Loss Tea

Best Chinese Weight Loss Tea

Chinese weight loss teas have become increasingly popular and much more widely available around the market than ever before. They can be manufactured using the combination of traditional Chinese blends of tea and therefore are aimed at those attempting to lose weight and become more slender and toned.

Traditional Value of Chinese Tea

Drinking Tea is an honored tradition which has been practiced in China from ancient times. It started out as a medicine then slowly become a beverage and shot to popularity in the Chinese Tea culture. China tea drinking habit soon spread round the world and to all avenues of life.

Evidence has become sufficient to claim that by drinking Chinese tea regularly it allows you to lose weight by getting rid of excess fat and calories. Chinese green tea extract is one of those diet teas that are an ideal and convenient accessory in your daily routine and that make your weight loss journey a lot easier.

Scientific Explanation

Chinese tea increases the metabolism of body making it simpler (and quicker!) to lose excess fat. Catechin Polyphenols, an element present in the Chinese Tea ,reacts within the nervous system to give Norepinephrine, which in fact burns calories faster.

Chinese Weight Loss Tea has thermo genic properties that help to oxidize Fat at a much higher speed as compared to Normal Green tea.

Types of Chinese Teas

Black tea, Green tea extract, Oolong tea, Red tea, White tea.

Black leaf teas are the most widely drank tea within the Western world. It is the most oxidized variety, possesses more caffeine and  has a stronger taste than other varieties. Research indicates that Black tea will help bolster the defense mechanisms, decease the level of stress hormones and lower the risk of strokes. it’s full of polyphenols, the antioxidant that protects against free radicals that damage cells.

Green tea extract gets its distinctive colour since it is not fermented like black teas. It has more health advantages than black tea because its nutrients aren’t destroyed through processing. It’s known to encourage fat burning capacity and oxidation of fat. Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) may be the major constituent in Green tea extract and is a lot more potent antioxidant than Ascorbic acid or E vitamin.

Oolong Tea, also called Wu Long teas are a mixture between black and green tea extract. It is the only kind of tea that experiences a very long and broad procedure for fermentation as the leaves of Oolong are plucked and bruised release a oil. It’s rich in plant polyphenols much like Green tea and possesses all the tea antioxidants that might be in every tea; Catechins, Thearubgin and Theaflavin. It’s a widely used chinese tea for weight loss, some say it’s an even more effective calorie burner than Green tea extract, making it the best weight loss tea.

Best Chinese Weight Loss Tea

Best Chinese Weight Loss Tea

Red teas are made from the oxidized and dried leaves from the Aspalathis Linearis plant. It’s many health advantages and is a really tasty tea that is making it the most popular choice. It has no caffeine and proven to help ease insomnia, headaches, irritability, hyper tension and nervous tension.

White teas are derived from young buds from the Camellia sinensis plant. It’s very high concentrations of antioxidants and polyphenols. The advantages of white tea are being able to lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure level, fight cancers, increase bone strength and density and assistance to boost the defense mechanisms.

Last but not Least about Weight loss

So while using Chinese tea for weight loss, also incorporate exercise whenever you can – just small things like using the stairs and traveling to the corner shop. Take a regular evening or morning stroll and participate in some group activities. Buy your push bike and also have some fun in addition to exercise.

Make a modification of your eating habits, eat good wholesome food that’s good for the body, eat modest amounts and look for fresh and colorful ones. Cut out everything white and processed – buy local organic produce, treat the body like an expensive car. Most sage advice of all, reduce stress – purchase and take some time out to relax. Go away for that weekend and take your magazines and books you haven’t read – book yourself set for a massage. Be good to yourself as well as your body and you’ll see your body change and adjust it normal again.

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