According to some researches Chinese green diet teas are weight loss effective to burn your fat and get slim down you.

Is Chinese green tea is beneficial to burn body fat? Chinese diet tea is a concept that covers a multitude of teas on the market that promote a dieting aid for individuals looking to supplement their weight-loss efforts. Although these teas have been promoted for their weight-loss success, many risks can be associated with these teas when used over long periods of time or steeped for too long.

There are many health benefits of drinking green tea. Chines green teat is considered beneficial in weight loss. The benefits of green tea is extensively researched in China and Japan. It has been shown to positively effect many systems in the body and to inhibit the progression of some diseases. The medicinal value of green tea has long been proclaimed, and due in part to this fact, it is no wonder that we now have the option of weight loss with chinese green tea.

Researches and Studies

Health benefits of chinese green tea for weight loss

Chinese green tea weight loss

There are lots health benefits of chines green tea. Weight loss is among them. Some researches and studies show that chinese green is so much beneficial to lose weight and go slimming down.Drinking green tea everyday makes you thin” is a quote from an ancient Chinese medical text called Bencao Shiyi. 1,300 years and modern science is beginning to understand why.It appears that there are three compounds in green tea that collectively act together to help reduce weight – the catechins, caffeine and an amino acid called theanine. Researchers did a study with animals, monitoring weight, food intake, fat levels and other health indicators and concluded that these compounds appears to act synergistically to reduce weight gain. You can read there study here for more info. Another study by Lin and Lin-Shaiu suggested that this action partly occurs because the chemicals help suppress the bodies production of fatty acids, by regulating the bodies gene that is responsible for their production.Of course weight loss and cholesterol are strongly intertwined. These studies point to the fact that lowering cholesterol helps to reduce your weight, and also the reverse, that lowering your weight will help cut down cholesterol. So whether its the chicken or the egg first, drinking green tea, in combination with a good diet and exercise, definitely supports the ancient chinese observation, that it does indeed act as a good way to reduce your weight.

Benefits of Green – Red Weight loss Tea

Considering weight loss with Chinese green tea is perhaps one of the healthiest ways to attempt losing weight. The health benefits alone from weight loss with Chinese green tea vastly overwhelm most of the fad diets on the market today. Catechuic acid is a kind of tannin and it increases body metabolism, particularly the metabolism of fat. It energizes the hydrolysis of fat. Actually, both green tea extract and red tea (black tea) contain catechuic acid. Due to the burdock root health benefits lack of fermentation, larger levels of the nutrients including polyphenol and catechuic acid are held in green tea use a better slimming property. Drinking a mug of green tea after meal decelerates the rapid rise in insulin.

Effect of Chinese green tea extracts in weight loss

Studies suggest that green tea extracts help boost metabolism and burn fat quicker. Many doctors advise obese patients to include more green tea in their diet. For effective Chinese green tea weight loss, drink at least eight cups a day. As an alternative, you can take Chinese green tea weight loss supplements. Most of them come in 500mg doses and should be taken twice a day.

Best Chinese tea for weight loss

Pu-erh and Oolong Chinese diet tea for weight loss

The caffeine in tea increases body function to help burn more calories and the polyphenols seem to aid in the digestion of fat, truly making it a Chinese diet tea.. Pu-erh and Oolong teas have received the most attention regarding weight loss, but all types of tea offer a low calorie alternative to commercial beverages.

Burdock Tea

Burdock is really a health promoting herb. It facilitates weight loss by improving fat metabolism, serving as a diuretic and reducing cravings burdock root health benefits and hunger. It’s rich in iron that is an essential foundation for the blood of humans. It is also a great herbal blood purifier due to the detoxifying functions for that blood and burdock root health benefits the lymphatic system.Most of these slimming teas are in fact Chinese tea (green tea extract or oolong tea benefits) mixed with some herbs. burdock root health benefits.

Cho Yung Herbal Slimming Tea

Cho Yung Teas are a mixture of green tea extract and other herbal ingredients including Poria, Cassia seeds, Oolong tea benefits, burdock root health benefits Alisma rhizome, Hawthorn, Lotus leaf, and Jiaogulan. It will help lose weight by supporting digestion, boosting metabolism, strengthening immunity and burning extra calories in the body.

Eucommia Bark Tea

Eucommia Bark tea helps lose weight by facilitating metabolic process and calories consumption. But, it requires around Five to six months burdock root health benefits to determine the full effect of Eucommia Bark tea. burdock root health benefits.